1)       Registration – When you first walk into our office, you will be greeted by one of our staff members. They will listen to your wants and needs and determine how they can accommodate your queries and/or requests with skill, knowledge and professionalism. The front desk will confirm the details of your records and scan copies of your insurance cards, so please bring them to your visit.

2)       Pre-testing – Once you are registered and ready for your appointment, the technician will gather information about your vision and your health history to assist the doctor . They will also take a reading of the prescription in your old glasses, if you have them.

3)       Eye Exam – Once the pre-testing process is completed, you are now ready to see the Optometrist.  Once comfortably seated they will ask you questions as to the reason for your visit; whether it be to update your prescription, be fitted for contact lenses, dry or red eyes etc. From this point onwards your doctor will perform tests that will determine your prescription and/or remedy for your visit.

4)       Frame and lens selection – When you have finished with your eye exam the doctor will walk you back to the front desk to discuss, with the staff member, his recommendations. If new glasses are prescribed, you will be introduced to one of our Opticians.  They will assist you in choosing a frame that will not only suit your style and personality, but your vision needs, as well.  Once you have selected your perfect frame the Optician will discuss the doctor’s prescribed lens options and take the necessary measurements required to process your order and ensure the best visual outcome.

5)        Dispensing –  It usually takes approximately 7-10 business days to have your custom lenses manufactured and edged to your chosen frame.  Once your new glasses are completed at the Lab they will be sent back to our office where they will be verified to ensure they meet all the specified requirements. After they have been verified, you will receive a call to notify you of their arrival.  When picking up your new glasses you will spend a few minutes at the dispensing table where an Optician will confirm the quality of your vision with your new glasses and make sure they are adjusted properly. They will educate you on using and cleaning your lenses to prolong their life.

Once they have been fitted, you are on you way to clearer vision!